Exercise is an amazing activity thats good for your muscles, posture, weight maintenance and stress relief, but it can also keep your skin healthy and glowing. According to experts, all sorts of exercise, from endurance to HIIT aerobic training and weight lifting, help in the reduction of skin aging, prevent acne, improve skin hydration and reduce damage. By hitting it hard at the gym, you can turn back the clock and look better than ever. However, it’s important to prep your skin for exercise so you can avoid some negative results. Here is what you should do before and after your workout session.

Clean your face

Before you hit the gym, make sure you start with a clean slate, no matter if you have makeup or not. The best way to clean your complexion is to apply some micellar water. In order to refresh a little bit before your workout, you can go with a few sprays of facial mist. This product provides your skin with some additional hydration and nourishment thanks to all the beneficial ingredients.

Apply sunscreen

If you are working out outside, make sure to protect your skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least 30 SPF. Anytime you are exercising in sunlight, you are exposing your skin to electromagnetic rays which are important when it comes to skin damage and aging. And remember that you are probably going to be sweating as you work out, so make sure your sunscreen is sweatproof. Most sports sunscreens are made to be durable, but make sure to read the label and check how many minutes the product is going to stick if you sweat a lot.

Avoid heavy moisturizer

Heavy moisturizer is something you definitely don’t want on your face as you prepare to sweat. It can put a barrier on your skin that prevents evaporation of water. This might result in pore clogging, but it can also prevent your skins natural ability to cool down. If you want to moisturize your skin before your run, opt for skin acids that provide your skin with a targeted boost of nutrients and hydration. To find out more about skin acids, continue reading to the source that will show you how to use these products. By knowing the difference between acids, you will choose the right one for your skin.

Hit the showers

After you finish your workout, make sure to shower as soon as you can. Sweat creates a wet and warm environment for bacteria, so make sure to rinse off and remove all buildups of sweat, oil and germs. This is especially important for acne-prone skin, and in that case, wash your body and face with a product that contains benzoyl peroxide. Also, always change into fresh and dry clothes.

Apply some hydration

No matter if you are a skincare minimalist or enjoy your 10-step Korean beauty regimen, using a facial serum after your workout is a step you must take. This product will target your skins specific concerns and offer extra hydration for your thirsty skin.

Cool your face

Just like you need to cool down your muscles after a hard workout by stretching, you also need to cool down your skin as well. Heat can be very damaging to the skin since it inhibits its natural restorative processes. Guard your skin against heat, especially if you love to run outside or practice hot yoga. Luckily, protecting your skin from heat can be quite easy. After you finish your session, splash some cold water on your face, neck and chest. Once you get home, you can apply a cooling mask for additional cooling effect and relaxation after a champion workout.

We all know that exercise is good for your body and mind, but if you don’t pay good attention to your skin, physical activity can cause a few problems for your skin. Fortunately, if you follow this easy pre and post-workout skincare routine, your skin will not only maintain its original state but additionally clear out and become more beautiful.

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