Everyone knows the importance of nutrition, especially if you are working out on a regular level. However, if you live an active lifestyle, then you know that injuries are quite a common occurrence.

They can happen almost anytime: while in the gym, or during the morning run, or even while you are dealing with household chores. Recovering from an injury can also be a long process that requires you to rest. However, nutrition can also play a crucial role in injury recovery. So, you have been injured recently, or you just want to inform yourself on this topic, here are some ways that nutrition can help you feel better while trying to recover from an injury.

What happens when you get injured?

First, injury is something no one should endure, but it happens. Therefore, when you get injured, it’s important to tend to that injury by visiting a doctor and then follow their recovery advice afterward. Most people are told to rest and refrain from various activities. However, when you do that, you also experience a loss of strength and muscle mass. In that case, your diet can play a vital role, as it will provide your body with enough nutrients to keep you healthy while recovering.

Eat your proteins

It’s recommended to eat proteins after exercising. But, if you happen to be injured, then your protein intake matters as well: consuming enough of it during recovery without unbalancing your caloric intake can help in reducing muscle mass. And keeping your muscle mass in check can help you recover faster and feel better much sooner. Meat is the biggest natural source of protein, however, if you dislike eating it, there are many plant-based sources as well, such as chia seeds, quinoa, hemp seeds, tofu and green peas.

Don’t forget about your energy intake

Experiencing an injury can have an impact on your appetite, which can also influence your energy levels. So, when you are recovering, you should be committed to eating a healthy diet, regardless of how you feel. Feeling a loss of appetite is fine, as long as it doesn’t change the way you eat. Even if you don’t feel in the mood for eating, you should still eat, especially foods that are beneficial to you, such as fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

Of course, learning as much as you can is of huge importance, so check out the Satia Nutrition blog to find a lot of useful info regarding nutrition and personal wellbeing. So, in case you don’t want to eat due to your injury, just remember that energy is important, as it can play a crucial role in the healing and recovery process.

Make sure to consume antioxidants as well

When you work out too much or get injured, the body releases free radicals that can potentially damage tissues and cells and cause inflammation in the body. However, there is a cure for that: antioxidants. Antioxidants are powerful ingredients that are commonly found in different foods such as kale, artichokes, beans, red cabbage and various berries. Since free radicals are responsible for oxidative stress in your body, consuming foods rich in antioxidants will surely help you get back on your feet soon.

Stay away from drinking alcohol

Reaching for your favorite alcoholic beverage is fine, but not when you are trying to heal from an injury. This is due to the fact that alcohol consumption leads to loss of muscle mass, and can also damage the wound healing process. But, if you are going to a special event, you can have a glass of wine, but it’s best to avoid drinking altogether until you are fully recovered.


These tips will definitely be useful if you are trying to get better after dealing with an injury. However, it’s also important to stay at home and rest without doing too much hard work. Finally, remember that living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your body can minimize the chance of getting injured in the first place, so be sure to live a healthful lifestyle, so you will feel good even when you are not injured.

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