saeger1On any given day, Meg would be out the door before the sun rose, ready to coach for USA Cycling or teach a yoga class. As an endurance athlete and mother to a busy toddler, her health is crucial to her lifestyle.?Though she endured knee pain for several years, a fall off of her mountain bike was the catalyst to a visit with an orthopedic surgeon.

?After my knee scope, it was clear there was a bigger issue,? Meg said. ?I basically had no cartilage left on my knee.?

While exploring her surgical options, Meg met with Dr. Vishal Mehta and?learned about a new cartilage product, ProChondrix?.?AlloSource?s ProChondrix is a cellular 3D fresh cartilage matrix that helps deliver the necessary components for cartilage restoration.? This next generation of cartilage therapy provides live cells and other biological components, which are necessary for repair and regeneration of damaged cartilage tissues.

Dr. Mehta felt ProChondrix would help give Meg back her quality of life.? Before embarking down a surgical path, Meg and Dr. Mehta had several in-depth conversations about the procedure and ProChondrix.

?Dr. Mehta asked me, ?where do you want to be in a year? Do you want to still be in pain when you go out for a run or a ride? Or do you want to feel pain-free and feel like you have control of your knee??? she explained.

Meg felt confident in ProChondrix and Dr. Mehta and underwent surgery in the summersaeger2 of 2015. After the procedure, Meg began an aggressive physical therapy regimen and is now back on her bike both coaching and riding for fun.?She recently visited AlloSource and got to see firsthand how allografts are processed. She also reflected on what it means to receive donated human tissue.

?You?re receiving a donation from somebody?s loved one. To know that?s going into my knee, it was emotional. It?s very humbling and makes you appreciate the process.?

Hear Meg’s interview with Dr. Cole and Steve Kashul on Sports Medicine Weekly:

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