Episode 16.26?with Hosts Steve Kashul and Dr. Brian Cole. Broadcasting on ESPN Chicago?1000 WMVP-AM Radio, Saturdays from?8:30 to 9:00 AM/c.

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Segment One: Bill Bue, President of Topical Gear discusses the ACL Tube, designed to help reduce?knee injury in female soccer players.

Topical Gear was formed in 2010 by a team of professionals from the orthopedic sports medicine field. Collectively, this team has over two centuries of knowledge in athletic training, biomechanics, product development, manufacturing, orthopedic sports medicine, arthroscopy and the pioneering of products in the orthopedic sports medicine market.

Topical Gear has designed an ACL Tube that applies T:25 Technology to the medial hamstring and medial quadriceps, enhancing muscle tone, which better aligns the knee.?In response to this stimulation, the muscles become trained to optimize performance and reduce risk of injury. Watch the Video.

Segment Two:?Dr. Cole talks about our recent post:?5 Things Runners Need to Know about Knees:

  1. Runners don?t get arthritis in their knees more often than non runners.runner's knees
  2. The above is true regardless of your age.
  3. Supplements won?t re-grow knee cartilage.
  4. Runner?s knee is usually caused by issues elsewhere.
  5. There are some simple ways to keep your knees happy.

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Segment Three:?Nirmal Gosalia talks about DocThoughtsMed which?is a medical student created media platform that interviews thought leaders in medicine andDocThoughts produces 5-minute films. We?re creating a resource that hopes to engage students, physicians, and the general public in conversation with the leading voices in healthcare. Our films cover topics that are not usually touched upon in traditional schooling or training. For example, prior interview topics include the growing integration of smartphones in medicine, the keys to success as a physician entrepreneur, and even the ?art? of practicing medicine.

DocThoughts brings forward these critical perspectives and presents them to the community in an engaging format. All of our videos are completely free and accessible online. The development and dissemination of these physician voices genuinely motivates our team to continue building this resource. I encourage you to view our site at DocThoughtsMed.com. Watch for Dr. Cole’s interview coming in Mid-October.

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