Patrick Pauley from Athletico Physical Therapy talks with Steve and Dr. Cole about the unique characteristics of the Overhead Athlete, types of overhead throwing injuries; causes, prevention and treatment.

There�??s more to throwing than just the motion of your arm.  There�??s actually a whole science dedicated to it-and Athletico offers a comprehensive approach. Our team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, certified athletic trainers, and physical therapy assistants combine their expertise in throwing analysis with slow-motion video analysis to enhance performance and help prevent injuries.
Whether you are returning from an injury or simply working to refine mechanics, Athletico has skilled professionals to assist you in optimizing your form and preparing your body for the field of competition, bringing you one step closer to making your goals a reality.
After receiving his BS in athletic training at North Park, Pauley went on to spend two years as a graduate assistant athletic trainer at DePaul University where he completed his master of science in sports, fitness, and recreation leadership. Pauley now serves as the head athletic trainer with the Chicago Dogs professional baseball team and specializes in working with overhead athletes.

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