March is National Athletic Training Month (NATM). NATM is a great time to talk about the profession of Athletic Training. Throughout the month of March, all across the country, communities will be exposed to what it involves to be an Athletic Trainer. Certified Athletic Trainers are healthcare professionals, and there are approximately 50,000 collaborating with physicians to provide care to physically active people.

Services provided by Athletic Trainers encompass prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries. You can find Athletic Trainers in a variety of settings from, professional and collegiate sports, secondary and intermediate schools, hospitals and rehab clinics, to physician offices. Athletic Training is recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as a health care profession.

About NATA

The National Athletic Trainers? Association (NATA) is the professional membershipnatm association for certified athletic trainers and others who support the athletic training profession. Founded in 1950, the NATA has grown to more than 43,000 members worldwide today. The majority of certified athletic trainers choose to be members of NATA to support their profession and to receive a broad array of membership benefits. By joining forces as a group, NATA members can accomplish more for the athletic training profession than they can individually.?The NATA national office currently has more than?40 full-time staff members?who work to support NATA?s?mission.


Athletic trainers will be globally recognized as vital practitioners in the delivery and advancement of health care. Through passionate provision of unique services, athletic trainers will be an integral part of the inter-professional health care team.


The mission of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association is to represent, engage and foster the continued growth and development of the athletic training profession and athletic trainers as unique health care providers.

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