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Segment One: Biologic solutions in orthopedics and potential applications

Nicole Ehrhart,?VMD, PhD discusses the future of stem cell research and their potential life changing uses: limb preservation from?trauma, infection or cancer; regenerating bone, muscle & organs; treating infections, OA and RA; how adult stem cells regenerate tissue for long term renewal; understanding how the body heals and the sources, harvesting & banking of stem cells.

Nicole Ehrhart, VMD, PhD

Dr. Ehrhart is a Professor at?the highly acclaimed Animal Cancer Center in the Department of Clinical Sciences at Colorado State University.? Her laboratory investigates new approaches to improve bone healing for application to radiation therapy and bone cancer treatment.? Current projects include the use of local or systemic administration of mesenchymal stem cells to stimulate healing of allogeneic bone grafts following bone cancer surgery.

Dr. Ehrhart holds the Ross M Wilkins MD Limb Preservation Foundation University Chair in Musculoskeletal Biology and Oncology at CSU. She is the first woman to ever be granted a University Endowed Chair position at Colorado State University. She is the Director of the Laboratory of Comparative Musculoskeletal Oncology and Traumatology and has been actively involved in limb preservation research, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and sarcoma research for the last eighteen years.

She has been an invited speaker at various venues for in translational research, both nationally and internationally. She holds joint faculty positions in the School of Biomedical Engineering, the Cell and Molecular Biology program, the Gates Regenerative Medicine Center at the University of Colorado and The University of Colorado Cancer Center.

In addition to her research, she has held several prestigious positions in the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (Scientific Program Chair, Residents Forum Chair, and Examination Committee), Veterinary Society for Surgical Oncology (President), Veterinary Orthopedic Society (President) and most recently Chair of the 2014 World Veterinary Orthopaedic Congress Organizing Committee.

She has authored numerous publications on limb preservation following trauma or tumor resection and is actively engaged in translational bone regeneration research benefiting both human and canine patients.

Learn more about organ and tissue donation at?http://allograftpossibilities.org/

Segment Two: Transition from Fall to Winter High School Sports

Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush andyoung athlete injure Steve Kashul discuss prevailing trends in young athlete injuries and transitioning from fall to winter sports: occurrence, treatment and prevention of ACL Tears; defining Stress Fractures in young athletes, symptoms, evaluation and treatment.

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