Matt Gauthier,?PT, DPT, SCS?from Athletico Physical Therapy talks with Steve and Dr. Cole about the unique characteristics of the Overhead Athlete, types of overhead throwing injuries: causes, prevention and treatment.

There?s more to throwing than just the motion of your arm.? There?s actually a whole science dedicated to it-and Athletico offers a comprehensive approach. Our team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, certified athletic trainers, and physical therapy assistants combine their expertise in throwing analysis with slow-motion video analysis to enhance performance and help prevent injuries.

Matt Gauthier specializes in the treatment of high-level athletes, and is the most passionate about?treating shoulder and knee injuries. He is?the head of Athletico?s Overhead Athlete Program,? and is a member of the USOC physical therapy volunteer program. As a sports specialist, he has experience treating athletic injuries at the youth, high school, college, professional, and Olympic levels.

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