Podcast with Dr. Spiro of Aesculap Biologics, LLC joining Dr. Cole and Steve to discuss the latest technology and clinical studies in cartilage restoration research. Dr. Spiro discusses the Aesculap Novocart 3D Clinical Trail. You can find details here.

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Dr. Spiro received his BS from McGill University, Montreal, Canada and a PhD in Immunology from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA. His career spans over 35 years of academic and industry experience in the basic science, product development and commercialization of drug, device and biologic-device combination products. His work is documented in over 20 patents and over 40 peer reviewed publications. Dr. Spiro currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Biologics, Development, Scientific and Clinical Affairs at Aesculap Biologics, LLC, in Center Valley, PA, a member of the B. Braun family of companies.

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