Episode 16.04?with Hosts Steve Kashul and Dr. Brian Cole. Broadcasting on ESPN Chicago?1000 WMVP-AM Radio, Saturdays from?8:30 to 9:00 AM/c.

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Segment 1:?Joe Estes,?PT, DPT, CGFI from?Athletico talks about the various types of golf injuries they see at the Athletico Golf Performance Center, techniques used to prevent golf injuries and the use of K-VEST technology to improve your swing.

K-VEST: Improve your Swing

AthletiCo’s Golf Performance Center in Oak Brook proudly uses the innovative K-Vest to improve the game for professional and amateur golfers.? The K-Vest is a wireless motion analysis and training system developed by Bentley Kinetics, a leader in kinetic motion analysis.? First introduced at the 2006 PGA Merchandise Show, the K-Vest has since garnered much attention from top-level golf instructors including David Leadbetter, one of today’s most well-known and effective golf teaching professionals.

The technology behind the K-Vest is a three-sensor wireless system that strategically places sensors on a golfer’s hips, shoulders, and hand to measure motion during a golf swing.? The sensors immediately communicate to a computer a 3D analysis.? This analysis allows the instructor to instantly address critical aspects of a golfer’s body such as hip rotation, speed, sequence and timing.

Joe Estes is a level 1 certified golf fitness instructor through the Titleist Performance Institute,?specializing in bio-mechanical evaluations of the golf swing: Joseph.Estes@athletico.com | 630-572-9700.

Segment 2:?Rib Fractures: Characteristics and Treatment by Dr. Brian Cole

Segment 3:?Kevin Elavia from ATI Physical Therapy discusses concussion management; the importance of base-line testing; post-concussion syndrome;CTE?concussion therapy and recovery; specialized training to understand the many components of concussion management and treatment; (CTE) brain disease in the NFL.

Whether it?s a minor sprain, or an injury that requires more comprehensive care, the highly-trained and skilled athletic trainers of ATI are experts in their field.?ATI Athletic Trainers are certified healthcare professionals. We are experts in :

  • On-site services for practices, games and sporting events
  • Immediate and emergency care
  • Communication liaison with athletes, physicians, coaches and parents, assisting with injury management and safe return to play protocols
  • Nutrition programs, therapeutic massage and preventative care
  • Comprehensive concussion management program

Count on ATI Sports Medicine to treat your injury like a pro. You?ll benefit from our expertise in overall athletic health, plus injury prevention, evaluation and treatment.

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