A discussion with Natalie Graves, AM, LCSW about the Power 5 conferences to?approve a new measure to help bolster athletes’ mental health. The legislation was one of several proposals voted on and approved by members of the ACC,?Big 12, Big Ten, SEC and Pac-12 during the NCAA convention in Orlando.

The conferences can approve benefits for athletes that other Division I schools don?t have to implement due to the costs, but their changes often end up getting adopted by other leagues. The new legislation was spurred by a growing concern among schools about providing access to mental health resources, including counseling for athletes, coaches and athletics personnel.

Natalie also talks about the hurdles mental health professional face when attempting toHome connect with athletes to offer these supportive services and what this decision means for the athletes as well as mental health professionals. Natalie Graves is a licensed clinical social worker?specializing in mental health and wellness for athletes.

Graves earned a Bachelor?s degree in Sociology from Chicago State University and a Master?s Degree from the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration. ?Visit NatalieGraves.com.

Natalie Graves, AM, LCSW

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